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Welcome to Pinballers Anonymous…

We are several friends who have clubbed together to create this website. Between us we have owned several hundred pinball machines. We all have ‘proper’ jobs, but enjoy buying, selling, repairing, servicing and of course playing pinball tables. Pinballers Anonymous is VAT registered but runs Profit-Free! We are made up from: A farmer, a currency trader, an optician, a musician and Nick (nobody really knows what his ‘work’ is), and of course Muttman the dog.

We sometimes list some of our tables on eBay, but this is just a small percentage of the tables we sell. Every day tables come and go, but you can see any items currently for sale on eBay by searching our name. Contact us to find out if we have the table you are after. We have contacts all around the country, across Europe and the world. Chances are we will know somebody selling the table you want, at the price you want to pay.

This is not a commercial enterprise,
we do it for the love of pinball –
we call it a hobby –
our other halves use a different word –

We hope you enjoy our website and value any comments you may have.


Nick has recently undertaken the responsibility for producing a BRAND NEW Pinball ‘lifestyle’ magazine called Pinball Today. Pinball Today is a full colour magazine and is aimed at the ‘cool’ side of pinball – pre-publication subscriptions are already being taken.

Lastly we would like to thank our friends @ Dieetit.com for their support and help at getting this site up and running and showing us the importance of Internet at this time and age.

For accounting help and tilitoimisto, check out tilitoimistotampere.com

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